Trump has no idea what he’s doing

President Trump's first 100 days in office are officially over. Here are a few. Or see how Trump has fared on his campaign promises.. “He's running the government more like a business. “The fact that nobody in Europe (or the World) has any idea what your president stands for is worrying to us all.

Donald Trump Has No idea What He's Talking About on China. The business mogul is using outdated data to make claims that China is.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said President Trump showed Russian President Vladimir Putin and the rest of the world that he has no idea what he’s doing as commander in chief when he failed to.

Many farmers wanted Trump to get tough on China, but the guy who. running casinos surprisingly has no idea what he's doing when it comes.

As Trump skips intel briefings, questions intensify.. He’s right to be concerned. Trump has no experience or background in government, foreign policy, national security, or counter-terrorism.

Journalists have managed to scuttle this idea before, but trump loves making history. told esquire that “there has been no decision” but acknowledged “there has been some discussion about how to do.

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Leave Donald Trump alone so he can do the work he was elected to do. He is shaking things up because he has no idea what he's doing.

Veterans of the high-stakes world of New York real estate have told me about what they described as Trump’s standard negotiating practice – pitching some kind of fit at the very last minute, when the other party thought things were settled, in hopes of bullying his way to a better deal.

At many different points in his presidency, Donald Trump has appeared to have no idea what was actually happening in the administration he is supposed to run. And on Friday, Trump made that fact.

Donald Trump understands nothing about trade or immigration or. So far, par for the course: Trump lies constantly, and likes to claim he's a good. "The Republican Party, they're either terrified of his base, or they love what he's doing.. Trump, of course, has no idea what tariffs actually do or who they.

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