Student debt increases, financial planners give advice

With this dramatic increase, it is no wonder that parents and students are concerned about the impact of college attendance on a family’s financial well-being. New Student Financial Concerns When a family arrives on campus for summer registration, the academic advisor is often the first institutional official to spend time with them.

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Financial Planning Academy. 10 Tips for Managing Your student loan debt. Some student-loan lenders offer a discount on the interest rate if you agree to set up your payments to be.

Relying solely on lenders’ advice. As a recent graduate, it is common to rely on a lender’s advice and support in determining how to best manage student loan debt. Unfortunately, recent industry changes have forced lenders to scale back on programs and redirect resources that previously supported borrowers.

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But if you simply stop paying a private student loan, it will go into default – a risky financial move that is not recommended, said Lisa McKnight, a certified financial planner. debt,” she said.

Student-loan. by student-loan debt increase,” said Chatrane Birbal, the director of policy engagement at the Society for Human Resource Management, an association representing the human resources.

Many college financial advisors are available to high school students to talk about the “real” cost of college and help families understand how to obtain all forms of financial aid, as well as how to.

The key to managing student debt, she said, is to be knowledgeable on the subject and study the options one has when seeking financial solutions. The fewer loans and aid a student has to take, the.

The first costs to cut for retirement are your debt, housing, and car. If you choose to spend more, it could make it harder.

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To figure out whether it’s worth taking on debt to finance a purchase, there’s a simple rule to follow, according to Helen Modly, a certified financial planner and private. We do not give.

Getting married can have a big impact on your student loans.. president of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors, a nonprofit that. Having sizable student debt can also have an impact on your financial goals for the future, Even if filing separately gives you a lower payment, it might not be worth it.